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The amazing facts of the popularity of the poker

You must be playing poker but have you ever given a thought to which countries the people like to play poker more? Where is Poker most popular? So why not explore this fact by knowing the top 7 countries where it is mostly played. 

United States 

The United States stands first among the most popular counties in the world where poker is played the most. You will be surprised to hear that some of the top poker players are from the US. There are 460 casinos in the US where Las Vegas has alone 107 casinos. All of these casinos are licensed and there may a long list of unlicensed ones. 

Besides this, a lot of people play online poker where they try their luck to play and win some amazing cash prizes. 


Canada is the other country where people simply enjoy playing poker. Here also there are a large number of casinos there and the bettors also love to play online poker. Online poker is licensed there which is why most of the players go for the online options. 


In Indonesia, poker is said to be super popular. As it is a small country not many professional players are there but still people are fond of it. A survey revealed that there are huge searches of online poker by the population there. 


From the last 5 years, Malaysia got huge popularity in poker. There are some rules about gambling in this county and people need to strictly follow that. This will be a shock for you to know that there is only one casino in Indonesia and few websites where it can be played legally. 


Italy is a legalized County to play poker in casinos as well as online without worrying about any laws or something else. There are nearly about 36 casinos in Italy and plenty of websites that have an amazing platform for online players to enjoy this game to the fullest.


In Germany, you can find many poker pros that are just amazing in their skills to play this game. But, surprisingly, playing poker online is banned in this country so for gamblers, the only source is to visit the casinos.


It is good to hear that slowly and steadily the poker is raising high in India. About 1 million populations in the country search for online poker. This is the highest search among the different countries mentioned above. With its increasing popularity, the number of online websites is also increasing to offer online gaming for the gamblers and have some real entertainment while betting.

For the past many years there have been some other legal issues about casinos in India and therefore it is illegal to run casinos on land. Therefore, most of the casinos are on the ships in Ocean. There are nearly about only 15 casinos in India and out of those many are situated in Goa.

Poker is truly a great fun-filled game that is why such a large population in different countries loves to play it. Don’t forget to try your luck as well!

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